Ositadimma Amakeze was born on the first month of months, January, in the year of his birth. He is a Catholic priest and the founder of Young Women & Men Creative Association (YOWAMCA). As an artist and a poet (by the virtue of phenomenological necessity), he exploits the experiential and existential dimension of things and lays them down at the tribunal of faith and reason. He observes and interacts with nature, that a close witness of a bird-couple teaching their fledging how to fly in a solitary shrub concretizes his belief that we nurture nature. Bees and ants are among his creatures of admiration.

He talks about the Muse, as apparent in his poetry books, The Blazes & Buzzes of the Muse and The Medley of The Muse. For him, having written copiously in English language, every author should write a book or more in his or her own native language; for those in prints are not in extinct. His first Igbo novel, Ọgazị Amaka together with other books have found their ways in schools and a few high institutions. He inspires new readers via his Book Club besides #TeamYowamca’s Inauguration of the Year of Reading, which aims at inspiring 1000 new readers every year.

In fine, the demiurgic force as it were, fashions the sensible world of his words. “In writing, one is powerful beyond measures; every character looks up to the author to have birth (introduction), breath (act) or death (exclusion),” he says. These are evident in the eloquence and ingenious exploitation in his other works, which includes the novel, Teeth of a Snail, and his short stories.

He is a native of Nimo in Anambra State.

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