Uzoamaka J. Eze

Women / Human Rights Advocate

Uzoamaka J. Eze is a multi-interest and multi-skilled person, an award winner, and a writer whose advocacies focus on women and girls’ development, youth development, social and political equity, reading, as well as cultural development & preservation and with a penchant to see people realize their potential in life. She is the author of the book; “The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends on You” Her debut novel is Half Open Lid. Uzoamaka enjoys reading. She loves nature, creativity, art, fashion, and birds.

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HALF-OPEN LID is the gripping story of Ameze, a fast-growing town caught in a tense tussle between the seductive allure of modernism and the old ways of life. As commerce and industries bloomed, newcomers increased, bringing strange new modes of dressing and behaviour, which threatened to obliterate the culture and traditions of the people. Worried about the growing acceptance of the alien culture, especially among the younger generation, Obieze summoned all heads of families to a meeting to seek a solution to the problem.

As the new culture pitted the youths against the older generation, one girl took matters into her own hands in a bid to balance the odds against women in a male-dominated society where women were relegated to the background. While the town grapples with the knotty dilemma of restoring the glory of its traditions and customs and endearing them to the younger generation, things take a turn for the worse when the Crown Prince attempts to burn down the ancient throne of Ameze, and two girls announce their intention to marry each other.