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Purple Shelves is a community of people and books, hence the comapny offers editorial, publishing, sales, bookclub, transcription, and consultancy services.

Editorial: Here, we ensure that manuscripts are finetuned to their best possible versions. Activities at our editoral are guided by the ethical standards of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, UK.

Publishing: As publishers, we seek to celebrate books and their writers, hence it is always a pleasure to produce books of various genres, subject matters and themes. This is because we wish that everyone would find a book that’s suitable for their literary goals among our growing number of titles.

Sales: Because we are passionate about books and sharing our love for books, we stock various local and international titles at our online and offline bookstores. We also distribute books (our titles and others we manage) in bookstores around the country and beyond.

BookClub: We consider it our duty to help build/restore the reading culture in Nigeria, so we manage and run bookclubs for schools and adult groups. We also create reading accessories that make each book an enjoyable experience for readers whether young or old.

Transciption: Too busy to write, yet burdened to tell that story? We’ve got you covered. Just tell your story orally and we’ll make them become written words.

Consultancy: New Writer? Hoping to write? Not sure if your story reads right? Wondering how your audience will receive your book? Unsure of what to do with your manuscript? Need advice on how to better structure your story? Need help with improving your reading habits? Need to motivate your children to read? More questions? We got you covered. Just send us an email on purpleshelves@gmail.com

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