Enyiazu Franca Adanne

Author & Chinese Educator

Enyiazu Franca Adanne is a third year (2023) doctoral student of Education, Southwest University, Chongqing, China. As an easy-going and congenial person with a strong sense of responsibility and good team spirit, Franca has self-published and co-authored several articles relating to her area of  specialisation. Her writings are on such topics as school leadership and management, professional development of educators, educational policy formation and implementation strategies, as well as Chinese Education Thought.

Her love for engaging in new research and new ideologies gives her a handful of creative approaches to problem-solving. She loves to tackle challenges head-on and considers obstacles a learning process. Another distinctive quality of Franca is her appreciation of her African heritage, which she loves to promote.

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Tales of Erimma is the story of a beautiful igbo damsel and how one visit to the motherland changes her view about herself, her name, and her culture.