Stella Damasus

Actor, Singer, Publisher, & Humanitarian

Stella Damasus is a Nigerian actress based in the United States of America; she has been in the entertainment industry for over two decades and has been considered one of Africa’s most famous film actresses.

She is the CEO of ADIVA Networks, a media and publishing company which publishes ADIVA Magazine and other Film and TV content. Stella’s zeal to fight for the rights of women , young girls and children worldwide led her to establish the Stella Damasus Arts Foundation; through which she provides economic, intellectual and emotional support to society using the Arts as a primary tool. As an advocate and Philanthropist, Stella has worked with several organizations like World Bank, Women4Women, Project Alert, WFP (World Food Program) and many more.

For years , the people of KAMINWANAGA have lived by specific rules and traditions, but the birth of a feisty, determined and resilient young girl would shake up the whole village.