“Execution is the newest currency,” says Ben Peter.

As our world becomes more interconnected and data more accessible, clarity – of the mind and for building the right thought processes – has become a major snag.  Ironically, now more than ever, productivity and success are measured by actions and execution than talk.

Being intentional plays a massive role in your ability to execute.

Get Set, March! – Ben Peter

We all want the good life, but are our actions in tandem with achieving it? Are we deliberate about consuming the right kind of data/information that would help us achieve our goals or do we just take in whatever data is available? Do we filter what we allow access into our minds? Are we intentional about the state of our minds? Like they say, ‘Talk is cheap.’ If we are asked to say what we want, we’ll readily recite a list. The question is, are we walking our talks?

How you choose to respond is what makes the difference.

Clearing Your Mental Deck – Ben Peter

 If you seek clarity of the mind or have big ideas but lack the oomph to execute, we’ve got just the right resources for you. They are Ben Peter’s Clearing Your Mental Deck and Get Set, March! In Clearing Your Mental Deck, he details why a clear mind is a key component of success. The title of the second book, Get Set, March!, reverberates its theme. In the book, the author demonstrates how to develop winning strategies and draw up successful execution plans for your vision, while asserting that ‘Execution is the new currency.’

Written in simple and concise English but structured as masterclasses, both books have received positive reviews from such literati as Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu, Karatu Books, and Bookville World. We dare say that reading both titles is akin to attending consultancy sessions with a life coach.

Ben Peter MBA, Ph.D.

Ben Peter became fascinated with leadership at the tender age of 11. Despite an injury that ended his foray into sportsmanship, his passion for leadership combined with skills and training now led him into academics where he bagged an MBA, and a Ph.D., and eventually became an Associate Professor of Business Management at Oral Roberts University in the United States. With years of international corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Ben Peter is an expert on career transition. His ability to transition and excel in different industries has earned him quite a reputation. He has founded several companies and is currently the president of a Wellness company headquartered in the USA with expressions globally.

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