HRM King Dakolo and Eric Ngalle Charles are guest authors at PaGya LitFest 2021

SINCE 2017, the Writers Project of Ghana has brought together African Writers from around the globe in what is known as Pa Gya Literary Festival. After a virtual festival last year because of the global pandemic, the festival is set to hold this year 2021, starting on Friday, October 15th through Sunday, the 17th of October. From the event posters seen so far, we can say that PaGya is set to host the crème de la crème of African literature, producers and consumers inclusive, again.

HERE’S THE BEST PART:  our authors, Eric Ngalle Charles and His Royal Majesty King Bubaraye Dakolo are among the guest authors in this literary star-studded festival.

HRM King Bubaraye Dakolo

THE IBENANAOWEI OF EKPETIAMA KINGDOM in Bayelsa State of Nigeria, ex-militia, environmentalist, and teacher, HRM King Dakolo will be in conversation with Kwesi Amoak to review his historical fiction title, The Riddle of the Oil Thief (Paper Back). The Riddle of the Oil Thief has been hailed as one of the best documents written on Nigeria, especially as concerns oil exploitation and the “oil boom” of the 1960s. His session is slated for Saturday, 16th October 2021, from 14:50 to 15:50 Hrs GMT at the Goethe Institut, Accra. 

Eric Ngalle Charles

CAMEROONIAN-BORN AND WALES-BASED WRITER, poet, playwright, and actor, Eric Ngalle, was recently selected by Jackie Kay in Guardian Books as one of the ten best BAME writers in the United Kingdom. He is set to discuss his autobiography, I Eric Ngalle, which was published by Parthian Books in 2019 (and Purple Shelves, 2021), with Martin Egblewobe, one of the co-founders of the Writers’ Project of Ghana. HIs session is slated for Sunday, 17th October 2021, from 15:10 to 16:10 Hrs GMT at the Goethe Institut, Accra.  

THE WRITERS PROJECT OF GHANA (WPG) is an international literary organization based in Ghana and the United States. WPG was founded in 2009 by Martin Egblewogbe, Laban Carrick Hill (d. 2021), and Mamle Kabu in order to promote a literary culture in Africa and around the world. Click here to attend the festival, virtually. 

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