The Kayan of the Mata

In these stories, the author explores the many faces of insecurity and exposes the different skeletons in women’s cupboards.
Amaka believes she is now too “wide” to satisfy her husband sexually; beautiful Ola suffers from a severe case of adult bedwetting; and Gift who loses her virginity in the most unbelievable manner. Then, there is Monalisa who is tired of being a constant victim of verbal and physical abuse; Ure, a rape victim; and Ibukun whose lush and full hair just starts to fall off without warning.

From the lives of the women mirrored in these stories, the reader will learn that they are not alone in their personal struggles and perhaps be moved to find ways to surmount the challenges posed by their supposed inabilities or challenges.




SHHH! Keep it secret!

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Janet Chinenye Eze


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