I, Eric Ngalle

Eric leaves home after he finds himself as the victim of a family tussle. His plan is simple; study, work, and make enough money to return home and settle his scores with his paternal family.
Then, he sets off for Belgium where he has been offered admission to study economics but ends up in Russia!

Without warning, we find ourselves navigating the streets of Moscow and Starvropol with Eric, scamming men (and women!) and death, many times over. And every victory (albeit close calls) will reiterate that survival is a choice – for only the brave!
With his powerful voice and piquant memory, Eric Ngalle Charles takes us full circle, from home – Cameroon – to home – Wales.


Eric Ngalle Charles

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I, Eric Ngalle’ is an exploration of memory and trauma… it takes guts to tell all in this way… in these xenophobic times, when migrants and refugees are pilloried or vilified it is a useful corrective to read a story such as this, to appreciate the inner steel and simple survival skills necessary to make such journeys. Eric Ngalle says that Wales gave him back his name, his voice and his identity. In turn, he now works with other refugees helping them find their voices and redact their own stories… quintessential tales of our age, when war, oppression and poverty dispossess so many. In finding sanctuary migrants such as Ngalle also enrich society, as he has proved by his many contributions to Welsh cultural and civic life.’ Jon Gower, Nation.Cymru

Powerful and challenging… neki / nazromi / diolch!’ Ifor ap Glyn, National Poet of Wales

‘Eric Ngalle’s memoir is a gut-wrenching glimpse of the fate of illegal residents … in foreign lands.’ Pelu Awofes, CNN?Multichoice Award Winner

‘… the frank and direct telling in I,Eric Ngalle makes it an important addition to the immigrant story.’ Martin Egblewobe, Co-Founder, Writers Project of Ghana

‘Eric Ngalle is a drama king in a good way … this memoir … seizes you from the first page to the end ..’ Su’eddie Vershima Agema, Multiple Award-winning writer, poet, editor, and author

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Eric Ngalle Charles


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