The Girl In The Rain


The Girl in the Rain is a collection of poems that span from a young girl’s deep reflections and observation of life and society.

 The many poems reflect the different moods and tones that showcase the ingenuity of the author, fourteen-year-old Chiamaka Onumaegbu. They also reflect her values and her positive outlook on life, living, and the human condition. “The Rainbow after the Storm”, “Butterfly”, and “Silver Lining” are a few of the poems that express optimism, positivity, and hope. Like its title, “Time” reminds us of the need to get things done at the right time, while insisting on the need to go easy one oneself. “Easy Come, Easy Go”, and “My Values Garden” shine the light on some of the values that make up the premise of the collection. “They Will Always Be There”, “A Synonym for Best Friend”, and “Precious and Few” are odes to family and consanguine relationships. “Young and Triumphant” is an urgent call to action addressed to young people. And, “The Girl in the Rain” is a social statement that showcases the rich/poor dichotomy.

The forty-nine poems in this multi-themed work are delightful compositions that border on different aspects of life; love, family, hope, and greed.

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