Fiction (YA/ Thriller)
Omo is a young teenage girl whose impeccable academic records get blotted by the choking pincers of ghetto life. What follows is a downward spiral that takes her from standing against rape and blackmail to setting herself free from being a child-bride at fifteen. From then on, her life becomes one of many escapes and survival by a hair’s breath, including surviving and staying sane in a terrorist camp, being conscripted as a suicide bomber, and becoming a slave-worker in Niger Republic.
Omo and several others eventually cross the Sahara Desert over the Mediterranean to Italy, in search of greener pastures, but in Italy, where other young girls from Nigeria as well as other countries practise sex trade, Omo becomes enmeshed in the intra and inter syndicate wars of rival cartel groups.
While she is in the hospital, surviving an assassination attempt, she meets Kunle who takes her over six thousand miles back to Sun City, the inglorious ghetto in Lagos, Nigeria, where her journey began. This journey opens newer chapters of her life, newer chapters that are more complicated and laden with unprecedented uncertainties, yet fundamental to her emancipation.
With this important story, the author successfully lays bare prevalent ills in everyday Nigeria, as well lends his voice to girl-child advocacy.

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