Editing FAQs

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Q. I have just written a book, what do I do?

A. Get an editor!

Q. Do I need an editor? I made an A in English.

A. Yes, you do. Remember that even the textbooks you studied to pass were edited.

Q. What kind of editing would my work require?

A. The editor would access the work to determine.

Q. I am scared to trust a total stranger with my work. Can I just skip the editing part?

A. No, you cannot. Every editing agreement should contain a confidentiality clause. Also, you may discuss with the editor and agree on how much work you wish to let out for such reasons as promotions or award entries before you eventually publish.

Q. I just contacted an editor yesterday. Can my work be done in a few days’ time? I have to go press by weekend.

A. It is always advisable to book early. That way you and your editor can have enough time to work together, bond as a team, and cover all the angles possible with regards to polishing your work to the finest possible version.

Q. How much time does it take to edit a manuscript?

A. That depends largely on how many pages or words your work sums up to. Your writing style, diction, and competence in the language you choose to write in are also major influencers. Then, there are other factors like accuracy, appropriateness etc. However, the editor would let you know the estimated work time after assessing the work.

There are also cases where halfway into the work, the editor realises that the work would take more time. In such cases, the editor would communicate the new estimated time.

Q. I just downloaded an editing app. Do I still need an editor?

Yes, Sir! You most certainly do.

Q. What exactly will an editor do for me?

A. In addition to being your first team mate and cheerleader on your book project, your editor would also tell you what you wrote and not what you think you wrote. Your editor would also read between the lines and draw your attention to oversights, gaps, as well as draw your attention to inappropriatness or inaccuracies in your work.

Remember those former Nollywood cases of spotting MTN umbrellas in a 1970s scene? Aha! An editor will make that never happens in your work.

Q. I need my editor to rewrite a huge part of my work. I think I have done my best.

A. You sir, need a ghostwriter, not an editor. I doubt that you have. Give yourself a little push, and you will be amazed at how much better you can do.

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