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RISE is Femi Jacobs’ first treatise on life and how we are to navigate it if we are to make the most of it. The ideas and principles propounded in this book are both realistic and practicable, and are guaranteed to help one live one’s best life if applied.


Or Click RISE to purchase in Nigerian Naira (Nigeria Only)


The Last Carver

Ositadimma Amakeze has been heralded as the modern-day Achebe. In The Last Carver, he narrates the story of a community, their culture, and the need to always keep tradition alive.


Or Click The Last Carver to purchase in Nigerian Naira (Nigeria only).



The Diary of a Boy Soldier (Paperback)

Alexander Emmanuel’s boy soldier story means a lot to many people: for soldiers, it is their story told; for non-military personnel, it provides a new way of looking at the military. Whichever you are, you are sure to fall in love with Ayorinde Olanrewaju Banks, the lead character, as you follow him on his many adventures.


Or Click Creed of Brotherhood to purchase in Nigerian Naira (Nigeria Only).


OMO (Bloom Version)

Alexander Emmanuel’s international bestseller is best described as the story of every girl. It follows the story of a teenager from a slum in Lagos, Nigeria, through a terrorist holding facility and across the Mediterranean as she searches for more than life and her pedigree ever handed her.


Or Click OMO Bloom to purchase in Nigerian Naira (Nigeria Only).


The Girl in the Rain

This collection of poems shows consummate word-power and passionate feelings. The poems flow like songs that burst out from rivulets of emotions. The language is compelling and the themes well-cultivated to intertwine with one another like beautifully woven pieces of intelligence.


Or Click The Girl in the Rain to purchase in Nigerian Naira (Nigeria only).

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