Alexander Emmanuel

Alexander Emmanuel is a Flight Lieutenant, Writer, Public Speaker, and Strategist. He has authored three novels, The Diary of a Boy Soldier, ÓMÓ and the Creed of Brotherhood edition of The Diary of a Boy Soldier.

ÓMÓ, currently a best seller, is Daily Trust Most Anticipated Book of 2018, aside the several headlines it made before and after its release. Emmanuel is a writer of versatile genres. His writing adroitness traverses fiction, non-fiction and historical writings. He is currently writing a political satire titled A Future That Will Never Come, a work of creative non-fiction titled Counter Violence, The Conflict Book of How Angels Become Demons, and Adunni, a sequel to ÓMÓ.

His works centre on various themes and subject matters. In ÓMÓ, he tells the story of a girl who yearns for more than life has handed her and is determined to chase after the rather elusive “greener pastures”; while The Diary of A Boy Soldier tells the coming of age story of a boy who finds himself in a military boarding school.
Emmanuel loves to network with writers just as much as he relishes his solitude to write.

An ardent believer of the “omnisience” of a writer, he sees writing as a replication of one of God’s greatest passion: creation. In his words, “Writing offers us the opportunity to paint the world and create worlds out of them.”

The prolific writer has also taught during master classes for budding writers and is set to influence the writing industry and book business in Africa.

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