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Ositadimma Amakeze set to release Igbo Novel titled ANỤ GBAA AJỌ EGBE

This year 2019 is tagged the #InternationalYearOfIndigenoisLanguages by the United Nations, and our author, who is a Catholic Priest and Culture Activist is releasing a novel in his indigenous language, Igbo.

The novel titled ANỤ GBAA AJỌ EGBE documents the adventures of Mbekwu, the tortoise who is regarded as the trickster in Igbo folklore – equivalent to Anasi in Twi lore or the Coyote in Native American lore.

Plans are in progress to release a translated version of the book but focus will be on the Igbo version as it is part of Reverend Amakeze’s drive towards keeping culture alive.

Though it is yet to be released, the novel has received praises and positive commentaries from scholars and respected Igbo organisations.


Earlier this year, Reverend Father Ositadimma Amakeze was awarded a UN recognition for his humanitarian work via his foundation YOWAMCA.

ANỤ GBAA AJỌ EGBE is his second Igbo novel. Follow us on social media or search for the hashtag #iyil2019 for updates on giveaways and book events.

Click ANỤ GBAA AJỌ EGBE to pre-order

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