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The Diary Of A Boy Soldier

Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu returns with a rather powerful retelling of the world of boy soldiers in Diary Of A Boy Soldier. The novel is set in Nigerian Military School, Zaria and told through Ayorinde Olanrewaju Banks, the lead character in the novel.

From Ayorinde’s many adventures, we see the military in a wholly different, but wholesome panorama, because Alexander meticulously denudes the ensconced dynamics of being a young boy in a military boarding school.

Like ÓMÓ, his international Bestseller, this is another coming-of-age novel that resonates the maxim that every stage in life is a passing phase, which must be lived with delibrate urgency.

Also to be included in the novel is a roll call of all ex-boys since the inception of the Nigerian Military School, Zaria in 1954. This is the author’s way of paying tribute to them and asserting that it is all their stories that make up the events in the novel.

Flight Lieutenant Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu is a Strategist and Peace and Conflict Expert. He is currently working on two other novels that will be released in 2019.

Diary Of A Boy Soldier will be released in September 2018.

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