ÓMÓ is first book to have a theme song!

Do you have a story?

Has it got a message?

How much publicity is too much or enough to spread your message?

How much publicity is too much for a book?

We believe that to honestly that question is to first answer another very important question.

Do you believe in your message?

Beyond concocting and penning a thought-provoking story, Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu has shown great conviction in the message of his soon-to-be-released novel, ÓMÓ.

Hence, in addition to rave reviews, blurbs, and great critical reception, a movie trailer and a theme song have been released to further reveberate the theme of the novel.

The song is titled “HOPE”. It was composed and performed by award-winning artiste, August Chuks.

According to Ochogwu, “HOPE” is dedicated to Leah Sharibu, the Dapchi girl still in captivity since 19 February 2018 and every African child snared by discrimination and abuse.

In his words,

The message of ÓMÓ is an inspiration that transcends the letters inside this book. That is why we have chosen to use every medium available to us to transmit this message of hope.

Purple Shelves affirms that ÓMÓ is more than just a book. It is an ideology, a movement, and a loudspeaker for children silenced into despair because of abuse or discrimination. ÓMÓ is one book that we are proud to be publishers of.

Click on “HOPE” BY AUGUST CHUKS to listen to the song and share the message of HOPE.

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