OMO is more than just the story of the lead female character in Alexander Emmanuel Ochogwu’s soon-to-be-released novel; it is a journey into life, its shenanigans, and the healing power of love.

The novel documents the lead female character’s journey from naïve secondary school girl to poised woman and takes the reader through many polar opposites while at it. Thus, with Omo we experience the exiguity of the Aliyus and the cornucopia of the Cokers, gross despondency and effulgent blitheness, safety and peril, angst and certitude, and more.

For the reader, OMO is not just a novel. It is an experience. In addition to the fact that everyone who reads OMO will find that it is bits, pieces and – perhaps albeit coincidentally – the bulk of their life story being told, they would also recognise the characters in the novel as the people they encounter and intermingle with everyday, who make life a learning curve and add colour to an otherwise dreary world.

With this coming-of-age novel, Ochogwu presents more than just a thought-provoking story.  Conversely, he successfully articulates specifics, and prompts his readers to be reminded of seemingly forgotten or overlooked verities. By daring to step into the shoes of the girl-child and tell her tale, the author asserts his perspicacity and dexterity at riveting storytelling. At the end of the day, the reader cannot help but share Ochogwu’s optimism and affirm his assertion that everyone, irrespective of his or her grotesque past deserves to be given a chance.

OMO will be released on June 22, 2018.

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